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im 43 years old married with two kids in their teens, i have so many health problems that i cant maintain a steady job.  problems range from past cancer to heart problems i was forced to quit my  last job that was three years ago the only industry where i live is truck driving and farm work, so it was quite obvious that i was not really going to be able to find any job that i could do satisfactorily. when i quit that job i gave up my right to unemployment now we live on what ever i can beg or borrow from family plus 664.0 a month and at present i am so far under i dont see daylight anytime soon, i am looking for any kind of grants that might help improve the situation myself and my family are in now, my wife also has alot of health problems but i cant afford to drive her a hundred miles to her dr. we dont have one that handles her problems in our town. have two older vehicles one broken the other just about broken. half the time we just barely make bills the other we fight cause we dont know where the other payments are going to fight from. does anybody else know how hard it is to tell your son or your daughter no at a store even to a simple pack of gum, we are just that tight my vehicle stays parked five days a week cause i dont have gas, i just need to find some help, grants hopefully.


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Sorry I can't help directly with your financial needs, but I've found a few web sites that may offer some help.

Seldom approves applications within the first year, though.

I don't know if any of these are close enough you can use them.

Medical schools sometimes allow people to volunteer for free medical care from their students, although usually with no help for transportation expenses.  You might check if any are close enough that this would be useful.

For now though, I'd recommend watching the news to see if the hurricane approaching Texas is likely to come close enough to give you more problems than whistling winds and heavy rain.

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